Boxa audio pasiva Line Array AA Craft RB 82

Two-way, passive, fullrange, line array element
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Boxa audio pasiva Line Array AA Craft RB 82

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RB 82 echipat cu 2 buc. difuzoare 8 “aa CRAAFT highpower și 1 buc. driver RIBBON garantează un sunet strălucitor și natural. Sistemul permite o configurare rapidă și simplă. Pentru stivuirea în jos în combinație cu PRO-Sub 18/800 oferim suportul FCR 82. Suportul FCR 82 este posibil să fie utilizat pe podea și pentru a monta până la 4 bucăți RB 82. Permite reglarea unghiului de la 0 ° la 12 ° între fiecare cabinet.


Cabinet Line Array
Rated Power RMS 500 Watt
Program Power 1000 Watt
Frequency response 70 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance 8 Ω
Components High Ribbon
Components Mid (Low) 2x 8″ aa CRAAFT
Sound Pressure (1W/1m) 98 dB
Max. SPL 128 dB
Dispersion (HxV) 100° x 10°
Voice Coil Protection PTC driver protection
Finish Black lacquer
Material Multiplex
Connectors 2x speak / 4 pole
Flying Hardware Yes
Dimensions mm (HxWxD) 270 x 740 x 320
Weight (kg) 18,5

Information RB 82

The RB 82 equiped with 2 pcs. 8” aa CRAAFT highpower speakers and 1 pc. high quality neodym RIBBON horn driver guarants a brilliant and natural sound. The precise made flying-hardware allows a quick and simple setup of the system and to reach with step by step setting of 1° the requested curving. For down-stacking in combination with PRO-Sub 18/800 we offer the FCR 82 cradle. FCR 82 cradle possible to use on floor and for to fly till 4 pcs. RB 82.

Angle adjustment from 0° to 12° between each cabinet.

aa CRAAFT Pro-Sub 18/800

Cabinet Subwoofer
Rated Power RMS 800 Watt
Program Power 1600 Watt
Frequency response 40 Hz – x-over
Impedance 8 Ω
Components Low 18″ Woofer / 4″ VC aa CRAAFT
Sound Pressure (1W/1m) 100 dB
SPL Max. 129 dB
Finish Black lacquer
Material Multiplex
Connectors 2x speak / 4 pole
Handles 2
Flange M 20
Wheels 4 (rear side possible)
Dimensions mm (HxWxD) 510 x 750 x 590
Weight (kg) 52

Information Pro-Sub 18/800

Powerfull and solid bassreflex cabinet 1 pc. 18” Soundbull aa CRAAFTspeaker with real punching foundation-bass. Additional possible to fit wheels on rearside.


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